Newly Purchased Items


December 3, 2018

Call Number Title Author
F/ABB The Three Beths Abbott
F/ANT Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners Anthony
F/BAL Long Road to Mercy Baldacci
F/BERG Night of Miracles Berg
F/CLA You Don’t Own Me Clark
F/CHI Past Tense Child
F/CON Dark Sacred Night Connelly
F/De R The Rain Watcher De Rosnay
F/EVA The Noel Stranger Evans
F/FAR Nell and Lady Farley
F/GRI The Reckoning Grisham
F/HIR The Devil’s Half Mile Hirsch
F/KEN Burial Rites Kent
F/KIN Elevation King
F/KIN When We Were Young Kingsbury
F/KIN Unsheltered Kingsolver
F/MAL Not Quite Over You Mallery
F/MEU Find Me Gone Meuleman
F/MOR Nine Perfect Strangers Moriarty
F/OWE Where the Crawdads Sing Owens
F/PAL Wyoming Legend Palmer
F/PER Melmoth Perry
F/ROB Winter at the Beach Roberts
F/SAW Ours for a Season Sawyer
F/SIL One Day in December Silver
F/SPA Every Breath Sparks
F/VanL The Christmas Star VanLiere
F/VEL The Girl They Left Behind Veletzos
F/WIL The Christmas Key  
MF/EVA Look Alive Twenty-Five Evanovich
MF/FRE The Witch Elm French
MF/HAN Dangerous Illusions Hannon
MF/JON The Darkness Jonasson
MF/McC The Colors of All the Cattle McCall Smith
MF/McK Murder in Her Stocking McKevett
SF/BRO Street Freaks Brooks
SF/ROB Red Moon Robinson
SF/SAL Child of a Mad God Salvatore
F/BLA Catching Christmas Blackstock
F/BYR Lady of a Thousand Treasures Byrd
F/CLA You Don’t Own Me Clark
MF/JAC Liar, Liar Jackson
F/JOH Vendetta Johansen
WF/JOH Flintlock: Pitchfork Pass Johnstone
F/KAR Bathed in Prayer Karon
F/KIN Elevation King
F/KIN When We Were Young Kingsbury
F/KOO The Forbidden Door Koontz
F/MAC Alaskan Holliday Macomber
F/MIL Red War Mills
F/MOR Nine Perfect Strangers Moriarty
F/MOR The Clockmaker’s Daughter Morton
F/MOS John Woman Mosley
F/PAT Ambush Patterson
F/SAN Holy Ghost Sandford
F/SPA Every Breath Sparks
WF/WEN Backed to the Wall Wendelboe
F/WOO Desperate Measures Woods
921/EAR Racing to the Finish Earnhardt
JB/FLE Alexander Fleming Sneddon
JB/MEN Gregor Mendel Wilmer
JB/NOB Alfred Nobel Warner
921/OBA Becoming Obama
JB/PAS Louis Pasteur Warren
027.47/ORL The Library Book Orlean
031.02/NAT National Geographic Almanac 2019  
J031.02/RIP Ripley’s Believe It or Not! A Century of Strange!  
J363.11/BOD The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Bodden
J363.12/BOD The Challenger Explosion Bodden
370.89/EWI Ghosts in the Schoolyard Ewing
J523.1/PIE Space Pierce
J567.9/WED Totally Amazing Facts About Dinosaurs Wedel
J591.5/HER Powerful Predators Herrington
613.6/DIS Stop the Slip Disch
614.4/HOT Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism Hotez
J629.222/ADA Lowriders Adamson
J629.223/MAC Chevrolet Silverado Mack
J629.223/MAC Ford F-150 Mack
J629.223/MAC Honda Ridgeline Mack
J629.223/MAC Nissan Frontier Mack
J629.223/MAC Ram 1500 Mack
J629.223/MAC Toyota Tacoma Mack
J629.223/SHA 4×4 Trucks Shaffer
J629.224/ADA Monster Trucks Adamson
J629.227/SHA Dirt Bikes Shaffer
J629.227/SHA Motocross Cycles Shaffer
J629.228/ADA Hot Rods Adamson
J629.228/ADA Stock Cars Adamson
J629.228/SHA ATVs Shaffer
J636.7/POT Totally Amazing Facts About Dogs Potts
J636.8/POT Totally Amazing Facts About Cats Potts
J636.93/WIL Hedgehogs Wilson
J639/DEE Hunting Arms Dee
J639/DEE Preparing & Enjoying a Meal You Hunted Dee
641.5/MOR The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook Morante
641.5/TAS Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2019  
J641.8/EBO Foolproof Frozen Treats with a Side of Science Eboch
J745.5/I AM I Am NOT a Toilet Paper Roll  
J745.5/I AM I Am NOT an Egg Carton  
J745.594/LIM The Halloween Book Lim
747/GAI Homebody Gaines
J782.42/MER Lady Gaga Merwin
J793.73/HOG Wild, Funny Brain Twisters Hogan
J796.323/GIT NBA’s Top 10 Playoff Upsets Gitlin
J796.332/BAN Carson Wentz Bankston
796.332/MIL Football Fields and Battlefields Miller
J799.2/DEE Hunting Safety, Licensing, and Rules Dee
J799.2/DEE Preparing for Your Hunting Trip Dee
J799.2/DEE Tracking and Hunting Your Prey Dee
J818/GAR Goofy, Nutty Jokes About Parents and Teachers Garstecki
J818/GAR Silly, Smelly Animal Jokes Garstecki
J818/GAR Terrible Tricky Tongue Twisters Garstecki
J818/HOG Laugh Out Loud Knock Knock Jokes Hogan
J818/HOG Scary, Spooky Jokes About Monsters Hogan
J910.9/BOD The Sinking of the Titanic Bodden
J940.54/BOD The Attack on Pearl Harbor Bodden
YF/ALI GN The Moon King Alice
JF/AND The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge Anderson
JF/COW Twice Magic Cowell
JF/DAH Destruction Zone Dahl
JF/D.G. GN The Flower Kingdom D.G.
JF/D.G. GN The Melody Kingdom D.G.
JF/DIS Moana Disney
JF/DIS Finding Dory Disney*Pixar
JF/ELL Dragons in a Bag Elliott
YF/EMM Dear Evan Hansen Emmich
JF/GUT Ms. Hall is a Goofball! Gutman
JF/HUN Blood and Bone Hunter
JF/KIN The Meltdown Kinney
JF/KOR WhatsHisFace Korman
YF/KUI Me and Me Kuipers
JF/MAC A Horse’s Best Friend Mackall
JF/MAC Horse Gentler in Training Mackall
JF/MAR The No-Good Nine Marciano
YF/MAX The Devil’s Thief Maxwell
YF/MIR GN Miraculous: Akumatized!  
YF/MIR GN Miraculous: Claws Out!  
YF/MIR GN Miraculous: Spots On!  
YF/MIR GN Miraculous  
YF/OLI Broken Things Oliver
JF/PAT The Genius Experiment Patterson
JF/PHE Knights vs. Dinosaurs Phelan
JF/RIO 9 From the Nine Worlds Riordan
YF/SHU Dry Shusterman
JF/TRO Trolls  
JF/WIL Christmas Stories Wilder
E/BRE The Snowy Nap Brett
E/BRU Good Morning, Snowplow! Bruss
E/DIS Babes in Toyland Disney
E/GEE Mad, Mad Bear! Gee
E/LIE Got to Get to Bear’s! Lies
E/McM How Do You Take a Bath? McMullan
E/NAS The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep Nastro
E/ODA Construction Cat Odanaka
E/O’MA Ghoul School O’Malley
E/PAR If You Ever Want to Bring a Pirate to Meet Santa, DON’T! Parsley
E/RIN Construction Site on Christmas Night Rinker
E/SAY Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas? Sayres
E/SCO Builder Brothers: Big Plans Scott
E/SHA Grow Up, David! Shannon
E/SMA Scaredy Bear Smallman
E/SMI The Wonky Donkey Smith
E/WIL Bear Can’t Sleep Wilson
BOOKS on CD    
F/ALB The Next Person You Meet in Heaven Albom
F/CHI Past Tense Child
F/De R The Rain Watcher De Rosnay
F/DEV A Willing Murder Deveraux
F/EVA The Noel Stranger Evans
F/GRI The Reckoning Grisham
F/PAT Ambush Patterson
JF/PIL Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets Pilkey
JF/PIL The Adventures of Captain Underpants Pilkey
JF/ROW Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling
JF/ROW Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling
JF/ROW Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Rowling
JF/ROW Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling
F/SPA Every Breath Sparks
F/C.B. C.B. Strike, the Series  
F/HAN The Handmaid’s Tale, Season One  
E/MAD Madagascar Escape 2 Africa  
F/MAN The Man Who Invented Christmas  
E/MIC Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas  
F/POL Poldark: The Complete Fourth Season