Newly Purchased Items


July 17, 2019

Call NumberTitleAuthor
F/ARMWherever She GoesArmstrong
F/BARA Bend in the StarsBarenbaum
F/CANThose PeopleCandlish
F/CHAOne Night at the LakeChase
F/CHIResistance WomenChiaverini
F/CHIOne ShotChild
F/CLEKeep You CloseCleveland
F/COBThe Tubman CommandCobbs
F/DAIIt’s a Christmas ThingDailey
F/DANSteel ResolveDaniels
F/DOIAlmost MidnightDoiron
F/FRAQueen BeeFrank
F/GILCity of GirlsGilbert
F/GILDonna Has Left the BuildingGilman
F/GREThe Friends We KeepGreen
F/GRIHer Deadly SecretsGriffin
F/GROOn the Bright SideGroen
F/HATCross My HeartHatcher
F/HENThe Favorite DaughterHenry
F/HILSummer of ’69Hilderbrand
F/MACThe Last CollectionMackin
F/MACAfter the EndMackintosh
F/MACTexas NightsMacomber
F/MADEnemy ContactMaden
F/MALThe Summer of Sunshine & MargotMallery
F/MICHot Shot Michaels
 F/MIRThe Last House Guest Miranda 
F/McEBetrayal in Time McElwain 
F/McKThe ChainMcKinty
F/OLSLying Next to MeOlsen
F/PETWherever You GoPeterson
F/RICA Family of StrangersRichards
 F/ROBUnder Currents  Roberts
F/ROVSting of the Wasp  Rovin
F/RYAThe Spies of Shilling LaneRyan
F/SHAThe Lemon SistersShalvis
F/SIMThe Rosie ResultSimsion
 F/SHRMore News Tomorrow  Shreve
F/SLE In the Shadow of Wolves Slepikas
 F/STELost and Found  Steel
F/WEIMrs. Everything  Weiner
F/WITMore Than Words Can SayWitemeyer
MF/RENGirl Gone MissingRendon
WF/COLLast Stage to Hell JunctionCollins
WF/COLFriends Call Me BatColt
WF/FENThe MustangersFenady
WF/MASFugitive SheriffMassey
WF/REASix-Gun LawReasoner
F/BENMistress of the RitzBenjamin
F/BISDaughters of Northern ShoresBischof
F/BLAA Sinister SplendorBlakely
WF/BOGThe Fall of AbileneBoggs
F/CAMOpen CarryCameron
 F/CHIResistance Women  Chiaverini
F/CUSThe Oracle  Cussler
F/DEAThe Never GameDeaver
F/DUGThe Eighth SisterDugoni
F/EGGThe PAradeEggers
MF/EISThe Killer CollectiveEisler
F/EVAThe Big KahunaEvanovich
F/GABThe RefugeGabhart
F/GREThe Friends We KeepGreen
F/HILSummer of ’69 Hilderbrand
F/JACWilling to Die Jackson
WF/JOHThe JackalsJohnstone
WF/JOHPreacher’s RageJohnstone
F/KOOThe Night WindowKoontz
F/KRUOrdinary GraceKrueger
WF/McCDark TerritoryMcCauley
F/PATThe 18th AbductionPatterson
F/REAThe Printed Letter BookshopReay
F/STEBlessing in DisguiseSteel
F/THAThe Cliff HouseThayne
F/WEIMrs. EverythingWeiner
WF/WOLThe Cattle DriveWolfe
F/WOOSkin GameWoods
J001.942/OWIAlien AbductionsOwings
J031.02/NATNational Geographic Kids Almanac 2020
158.1/SOUDo It ScaredSoukup
347.73/ONE101 Law Forms for Personal Use
J393/DONIf A Mummy Could Talk…Donald
J523.1/TERThe Milky Way and Other GalaxiesTerp
J523.4/TEREarth and Other Inner PlanetsTerp
J523.4/TERSaturn and Other Outer PlanetsTerp
J523.4/TERThe Search for New PlanetsTerp
J523.49/TERPluto and Other Dwarf PlanetsTerp
J523.7/TERThe Sun and Other StarsTerp
J551.55/WALStorm ChasersWalker
J597.3/FLO/GNSharks Nature’s Perfect HunterFlood
J597.92/SABCommon Snapping Turtles Sabelko
J598.6/SABWild TurkeysSabelko
618.92/WOLADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know Wolraich
621.9/ULTThe Ultimate Tool Book 
J629.45/GAUDiscovering the MoonGauthier
J641.5/WAS20 Recipes Kids Should KnowWashburn
690.8/GOOBird House Make and MakeoverGoodsell
746.42/GREMacramé for Home DecorGrenier
808.83/GATGather at the River
921/EGEThe ChoiceEger
J940.54/LETThe Perfect HorseLetts
958.104/SCHAlone at DawnSchilling
959.704/TALSaving BravoTalty
J966.68/BJOCore d’ IvorieBjorklund
J972.93/ROGDominican RepublicRogers
 973.5/DeRStar Spangled Scandal DeRose 
J984/YOMBolivia  Yomtov
 JF/AND/GN This Was Our Pact Andrews
JF/BUR/GNBird and Squirrel all Tangled Up  Burks
JF/CAMA Small Zombie ProblemCampbell
JF/COOCreepy CustomersCooper
JF/COOPeculiar PackagesCooper
JF/COOSpooky SpotsCooper
JF/COOTerrifying TalesCooper
YF/DESThe Rest of the StoryDessen
JF/DEUThe Friendship CodeDeutsch
JF/FLADuel at AraluenFlanagan
YF/FLIGirls of JulyFlinn
YF/GLAHow to Make Friends with the DarkGlasgow
JF/GRU/GNPaul Bunyan and Babe the Blue WhaleGruber
JF/GUTMiss Porter is Out of Order!Gutman
JF/HALThe Princess ion Black and the Hungry Bunny HordeHale
JF/HALThe Princess in Black and the Mysterious PlaydateHale
JF/HALThe Princess in Black Takes a VacationHale
JF/HAR/GNPecos Bill, Monster WranglerHarper
JF/HARMr. Bambuckle: Rule the SchoolHarris
YF/HENWhen the Sky Fell on SplendorHenry
JF/HOMEllie May on President’s DayHomzie
JF/HORSecret Weapon Horowitz
JF/LASThe Keeper of the Keys Lasky
JF/MARGamora’s Galactic ShowdownMarvel 
JF/MARMs. Marvel’s Fists of Fury Marvel
JF/MOR/GNThe Zombie Steals HomeMorse
JF/MOSSeaman and the Great Northern AdventureMoss
JF/MYKOrder of the MajesticMyklusch
JF/PARA Wolf Called WanderParry
JF/PEI/GNBig Nate Payback Time!Peirce
JF/PILCaptain Underpants and the Invasion of the incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space Pilkey
JF/POK/GNSun and Moon Vol. 4Pokemon
 YF/REYOpposite of Always  Reynolds
YF/ROGSorcery of Thorns Rogerson 
YF/RYAKeep This to YourselfRyan
JF/SMIMr. Penguin and the Lost TreasureSmith
JF/SPEGhostly WhispersSpecter
JF/SPEGhosts of Pheasant HillSpecter
JF/SPEHobgoblins Just Wanna Have FunSpecter
JF/SPEZombies RevisitedSpecter
JF/STE/GNMr. Wolf’s ClassSteinke
JF/STE/GNMystery ClubSteinke
JF/SYKAva and StarSykes
YF/WIGWhen We Were LostWignall
YF/WILWhite RoseWilson
YF/ZENRayne & Delilah’s Midnite MatineeZentner
E/BARSisters Save the Day!Barbie
E/BERUnhappy Birthday, Grumpy Cat!Berrios
E/CERA Skunk in My Bunk!Cerf
 E/CHIStella and the Wishing Star  Chiew
 E/CHONo More Monsters Under Your Bed!  Chouteau
E/COY The Construction Crew Coyle
E/DEAPete the Cat and the Itsy Bitsy SpiderDean
E/DEWLlama Llama Dance Recital FunDewdney
E/DISAdventures in Puppy-SittingDisney
E/DISCamp FancyDisney
E/DISMinnie’s Summer VacationDisney
E/DISShoe La La!Disney
E/DISToodle-oo, Miss MooDisney
E/FLONinja on the JobFlowers
E/FOGIf I Was the SunshineFogliano
E/GALFriends Make Me Feel RazzmatazzGallo
E/GAROtter: I Love Books!Garton
E/GIBNever Trumpet with a CrumpetGibson
 E/GUNHamster Sitter Wanted  Gunaratnam
E/HARFawn the Very Small Deer  Harrington
E/HAROtis the Very Scared Dog Harrington
E/HARPete the Very Chatty Parrot Harrington
E/HARRalph the Very Quick Chick Harrington
E/HIGBruce’s Big Fun Day Higgins
E/HILRocket’s Very Fine Day Hills
E/HOWThe Night Fury and the Light Fury How to Train Your Dragon